For contractor -service is a tool for locating cables/ducts location

• Information on underground structures from easy-to-use website
• Web-browser based for free 24/7 and without queueing
• Possibility to define excavation area precisely by drawing it on the map
• Rough analysis on network owners instantly in use, map printout to email
• Possibility to order a cable marking from the service
• Contacts bank on your computer

To start excavation you will need utility location inquiries and permission to start excavation.
Permission to start excavation is needed from the land owner (Usually city grants licenses on common area. On road areas licenses are usually granted by the road owner

For cable marking contractor

• Join together with the network owner to our service and you will get more efficiency and precision to your cable marking process.
• Cable marker will get more accurate information than digger about the contracted network owners underground structures.
• Cable marking request forwarding by email or via work supervision system is included in the service

For utility location inquirer

• It is possible for utility location inquirer (such as municipality and network owners subcontractors) to join -service. Then upcoming excavation information on defined area will be delivered to utility location inquirer. Contact us and we will update your information the way you want.
• can act as joint cable map distibutor inside your municipality.Contact us and we will tell you more.

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Supporting the service is a team of Keypro experts who can be reached by phone in 0800 133 544